Project Doc   Based Upon / Compares To Level      
1590G Build Guide (.pdf)  
1590G Component Buying Guide (.pdf)  
4:1 Compressor cowboy $7
Glam Chorus cowboy $7
Mimik Delay cowboy $7
Moar Overdrive cowboy $7
Ping Reverb cowboy $7
Stank Distortion cowboy $7
Stutr Tremolo cowboy $7
Wigl Vibe-ish cowboy $7
Woodstork Fuzz cowboy $7
Sawse Filter cowboy Discontinued  
These projects are designed for the 1590G enclosure
baby Project Doc Based Upon / Compares To Level    
Afterlife Optical Compressor cowboy $7
Bloviator Fil ter / Maximizer cowboy $7
CaveDweller PT2399 delay cowboy $7
Cupcake Orange Squeezer (TM) cowboy $7
Donut   Modified LPB-1 (Aug. 2018 Giveaway) cowboy free All Gone!
EggHead Gainster (TM) cowboy $7
FatPants Jr. JFET Boost cowboy $5
Hipster Silicon Fuzz Face cowboy $7
Pepper Spray   Percolator (Oct. 2018 Giveaway) cowboy free Oct. 5th
Runt Rat (TM) cowboy $7
Rangemaster Treble Booster cowboy $6
Rabbit Hole Muff (TM) cowboy $7
Smoothie Phase45 (TM) cowboy $7
Bacon Bits Op-Amp Booster cowboy Discontinued  
Baby Boards are projects designed for the 1590A enclosure
fuzz Project Doc Based Upon / Compares to Level    
Bumblebee Burns Buzzaround (TM) n00b $9
Cherrybomb Colorsound Overdriver (TM) cowboy $9
Mangler Vintage Fuzz Face (TM) n00b $9
Pastyface Germanium Tonebender n00b $9
Tonebender Silicon Tonebender n00b $8
delay Project Doc Based Upon / Compares To Level    
Aquaboy DM-2 (TM) genius $13
AQB_MOD Add-on modulation for Aquaboy n00b $3.50
Deathklaw Dual PT2399 delay cowboy $10
Dirtbaby PT2399 version of the DMM genius $10
Moodring BTDR-2 Reverb cowboy $11
Total Recall Vintage Memory Man (TM) zeus $14
TRXPN Total Recall Expansion Board cowboy $4 Nov.
distOD Project Doc Based Upon / Compares To Level    
8Ball Blues Breaker (TM) cowboy $9
Green Bean Tube Screamer (TM) cowboy $9
Kingslayer NotAKlone cowboy $9
Mudbunny Big Muff (TM) cowboy $9
Pig Butt Op-Amp Muff cowboy $9
Slow Loris Rat (TM) cowboy $9
Flabulanche Overdrive/Compressor cowboy Discontinued
filter Project Doc Based Upon / Compares to Level    
Collosalus MXR 117 (TM) - MN3007 $13
Current Lover Electric Mistress (TM) genius $13
FreekOut Frequency Analyzer (TM) cowboy $13
Harbinger One Univibe (TM) genius $14
HoneyDripper Dipthonizer (TM) genius $12
KarateShop Systech Harmonic Energizer (TM) cowboy $9
Kraken Mutron Micro V (TM) cowboy $10
Mandroid Pseudo Pitch Shifter cowboy $10
Naughty Fish Mutron III (TM) in a 1590B genius $11
NomNom Phase 90 (TM) cowboy $9
Pork Barrel Classic CE-2 (TM) cowboy $10
Stage Fright Maestro Phaser (TM) genius $12
Weener Wah Wah Wah cowboy $9
Sharkfin Filter, Sample and Hold genius Discontinued  


Project Doc   Based Upon / Compares to Level      
Dreamtime   1590A, 1 patch, EEPROM included.   genius Oct. 5th  
Headtrip   1590B, 3 patches. EEPROM included.   genius Oct. 5th  
oct Project Doc   Based Upon / Compares to Level    
Lowrider Octaver cowboy $14
Retrograde Octavia (Fuzz+Octave) cowboy $9
Wolfshirt Foxx Tone Machine (TM) cowboy $9
other Project Doc   Based Upon / Compares to Level    
9mm Pot Panel   Includes 36 PCBs! (limited quantity, more in Nov.) n00b   Oct. 5th  
Road Rage

Bipolar Supply / Charge Pump (now sold as single boards)

n00b $2.50
Road Rage Panel

Panel - includes 6 PCBs

n00b $12
3PDT Bypass Bypass (now sold as single boards) n00b $1


Road Rage + Bypass Switching n00b $3.50
Project Doc   Based Upon / Compares to Level      

Tap Tempo Tremolo (TAPLFO3) (limited quantity, more in Nov.)

cowboy   Oct. 5th  
DigDug2 Tap-Tempo Sequencer genius Discontinued  
Tapanator Bundle

Controller, Phaser, Wah and Tremolo.

genius Discontinued  
Tapanator Bundle includes: Tapanatorator, Phaser, Tremolo and Wah PCBs  
Project Doc   Based Upon / Compares to Level      
Uber Tuber

Sub-Mini Tube Overdrive - Includes 10R 1/2W, 39R 5W resistors and 8pin header

genius $16

VFE Project Build Guide (.pdf)

Alpha Dog TM

Vintage Distortion

cowboy $13
Blueprint Analog-Voiced Delay cowboy $13
Blues King TM Low Gain Overdrive cowboy $13
Choral Reef TM

Analog Chorus

genius $13
Distortion 3 Boost+OD+Distortion cowboy $13
Dragon Dynamic Overdrive cowboy $13
Merman TM Transparent Overdrive cowboy $13
Mobius Strip Dual Delay cowboy $13
Old School TM Vintage Tremolo cowboy $13
Pale Horse TM

Dynamic Overdrive

cowboy $13
"Patreon" Bundle Dragon + Pinball + Standout @ 10% off cowboy $35
Pinball Tilt EQ cowboy $13
Standout Mid Booster cowboy $13
The Scream Classic Overdrive cowboy $13
The Triplet Comp + Octave + Dist cowboy $13
Tractor Beam TM Analog Phaser cowboy $13
Triumvirate TM Multiband Distortion cowboy $13
White Horse TM Optical Compressor cowboy $13
Switching Board Included with all VFE projects cowboy Previous Doc (ver1)  



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