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Q: What is included with an order?

A: The price you pay is for the PCB only. For parts, please see the Parts Sourcing links to the right.

Q: Do all these projects work?

A: Absolutely. I build, test, and debug every single project before releasing it. This does not mean there are never mistakes, but in practice this rarely happens. Most of these projects have been through several revisions. I constantly update them with improved layouts and document revisions.

Q: Is this even legal?

A: Yes. Circuits themselves are not copyrighted. Names, logos and artwork (including PCB layouts) can be trademarked or copyrighted. Circuits can be patented, although the vast majority of guitar effects do not utilize patented circuits. In most cases (though not all) you will find that the circuits used in these projects (and most other guitar pedals) are either based upon, or direct recreations of, certain "classic" effects. These include the Fuzz Face, Tube Screamer, Blues Breaker, DM-2, Big Muff, and so on. It is completely legal to build your own versions of any of these circuits for personal or commercial use.

Q: Can I sell my cloned pedals using your PCB's?

A: Any circuit board that you purchase through the store can be used to build a pedal that you sell. Prior consent is not required and you do not need to acknowledge the circuit board origin (unless you want to, which is fine). I do not offer quantity discounts. The only limitation is you cannot re-sell these PCBs as part of a DIY kit of any kind. If you are selling a pedal, please do not use the madbeanpedals name on your enclosure artwork (to prevent confusion over who actually built the pedal).

The DIY projects (Etcher's Paradise) can only be used for non-commercial purposes. Please DO NOT sell pedals or PCBs using these materials. If you do it you are bad and you should feel bad.

Q: How long does it take you to ship an order?

A: Orders are generally shipped within 3 working days.

Q: Do you provide shipping notification and/or a tracking #?

A: All domestic (U.S.) orders are mailed utilizing Paypal's shipping service. This means every shipment will include a tracking #. Paypal should automatically email you this tracking # when the postage is purchased.

Q: I've built my board, and it doesn't work. What should I do? Do you provide support?

A: Don't worry! There are lots of things that can, and do, go wrong. The best place to start when something goes wrong is to take stock of your build. Check for bad solders, solder bridges between traces, component values, IC and transistor orientation and voltages. If you're stumped, then head on over to the Forum, where you can ask technical questions and receive help with your build. You can email me, however, you will likely get a more timely response from me in the forum.

Q: Do you accept returns?

A: Orders, or parts of orders, can be returned within 7 days of a received shipment. In case of defective, broken or any other defect-related cause resulting in less than your 100% satisfaction, a full refund will be issued or replacement boards will be shipped at no charge. If you have concerns over the quality or receipt of your order, please email me at brian @ madbeanpedals . com so that we can discuss it.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: You can PM me through the forum or email me at brian @ madbeanpedals . com
International / Canada / Mexico Shipping

After postage for your order is purchased, the USPS Tracking # is added to your Paypal transaction summary and an email is sent notifying you of the shipment.

IMPORTANT: USPS ONLY PROVIDES REAL-TIME TRACKING ON 1ST CLASS UP TO THE POINT OF DEPARTURE FROM THE UNITED STATES. After it leaves the U.S. (usually through Miami) transit times will vary and updates may no longer be available through the USPS website tracking.

Some 1st Class packages take as little as 8 - 10 days to arrive to international customers. Some take 2 - 3 weeks. It is possible it can take 4 weeks or more. While shipments rarely get lost, the amount of time in transit is very hard to predict.

My policy is that I will consider a non-USA shipment lost if it has not arrived within 45 days of the postage purchase date. If this happens please notify me via email and I will send a one-time replacement AT NO CHARGE.

You are welcome to notify me before 45 days that you have not received your shipment. However, I will not send the replacement until the 45 day period has expired.


Name: Brian

Location: Nashville, TN

Profession: Diode Destroyer

Education: B.A., University of Texas, Mathematics, 1997

Favorite bands: ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Eliott Smith, NIN

Favorite Authors: Arthur C. Clarke, Ben Bova, George R.R. Martin

I love making music and I love making things, so pedal building is a happy accident for me. Mostly, it came from being too broke to buy any gear. I owned and used only two pedals for about a decade: a TS-10 and a Digitech PDS-1000 Digital Delay. I used those for both my bass and guitar gigs. Rather than spend money I didn't have, I decided it would be more fun to take a "peek under the hood" and see what the whole effects thing was about. That was about ten years ago, and the obsession grows a little more every day!

Music: I play in a band called "Radiophonic" with my best buds Graham Duncan, Mike Galante and Daniel Loyd. We've been playing together in some form or another for almost two decades. I really love these guys. They are the best of all things: great musicians, great friends and partners in crime. We're signed to a small independent label, Soona Songs, owned and operated by none other than Graham's mother, Marilyn Duncan - a seriously talented folk musician in her own right.